Wholesale Dumbbells Available Australia-Wide

When it comes to gym equipment, dumbbells are arguably the most affordable yet versatile option. They’re also very straightforward to use, making them a suitable item for beginners (especially compared to barbells, which are bulkier and pose more potential hazards).

Whether you opt for adjustable dumbbells or fixed dumbbells, you’ll find an excellent range of wholesale dumbbells that cater for every type of gym, in our selection here. There are advantages to both varieties, depending on what your priorities are.

Fixed dumbbells are more convenient for those who don’t want to change their weight load, whereas adjustable dumbbells (with the locks that spin into place to hold various weight loads) are perfect for gym-goers who want to gradually increase the weights they are lifting over time.

The other benefit of adjustable dumbbells is that they save more space, so if you are running a compact commercial or home gym, this might be the better solution for you. Either way, we stock a varied selection of quality-made dumbbells for you to choose from.

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