Schwinn AD8 Airdyne Bike


The airdyne bike—which you power by both pedalling and pushing and pulling a set of handlebars—was invented more than 30 years ago but is experiencing a resurgence among hard-core cardio aficionados. The Airdyne isn’t designed for long, leisurely sessions, like a treadmill or a stair-climber—it just feels like an eternity when you’re on one. But while time may pass slowly, the calories burn fast—Top trainers can burn upwards of 75 a minute.

  • Telemetric Heart Rate Technology to measure heart rate in real time.
  • Multi-position hand grips offer a variety of workout options.
  • Optimized fan for high resistance and reduced noise.
  • Corrosion resistant powder coated steel construction for longer life for the frame.
  • Multi-display LCD console with Calories, Watts, Time, Distance, Speed, RPM, and Heart Rate readouts.
  • Single-stage direct drive system for efficient power transfer, low maintenance, and infinite levels of challenge.

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