VERVE Commercial Flat Bench (IPF Specification)


The verve commercial flat bench is the biggest and strongest of all our benches on the market. The bench is made from powder coated 3mm 75x75 steel capable of literally anything you throw at it, backed up by our LIFETIME FRAME GUARANTEE. In our testing we saw it comfortably handle 1,230KG of iron plates. It requires no assembly as the solid bench come out of the box ready to help you perform. 

This weight bench adheres to all the specifications handed down by the IPF in regards to bench height, width and length. Another really important feature of the VERVE flat bench is its singular leg at the foot end of the bench. This single leg ensures there is no interference with the feet of the bench while placing your feet during a bench setup or other exercise 

  • Wheels for easy movement around your gym
  • Handle to easily lift and steering
  • Rock solid construction 1200kg+ tested
  • Within IPF Spec Bench requirements, length width and height
  • Heavy Duty Grippy Vinyl Upholstery

Dimensions (mm) L*W*H: 1450*600*420
Pad Dimensions (mm) L*W*H: 1220*300*60 (IPF Spec)
Product Weight: 19.0kg
Shipping Weight: 21.0kg
Pad Material: Durable Black Vinyl
Frame Material: 75*75mm Powder Coated. 3mm Steel
Tested Load: 1230kg
Product Code: VER-CFB-001