VERVE Commercial Half Rack


The VERVE Commercial Half Rack is the perfect companion for anyone who trains with free weights. Designed to withstand the use (and abuse) of even the busiest gym. This strength training essential allows exercisers to work out in relative safety.

Combined with a flat or FID adjustable bench, the VERVE Commercial Half Rack allows users to squat, bench press, and overhead press with minimal risk, even when using very heavy weights. The adjustable J-hooks mean that users can position the bar in the prefect position for easy lift-off, and the safety bars can be set to limit the downwards travel of the bar.

A Half Rack can also be used to hang a punchbag, as an anchor point for battle ropes or a landmine, or with a suspension trainer e.g. TRX. It can also be used for a wide range of additional exercises that are all-but impossible without one, including:

  • Pin presses – bench press and overhead presses from a dead stop
  • Rack pulls – deadlifts from just above or just below the knees
  • Squats, bench presses, overhead presses, and deadlifts against bands – to increase resistance at lock-out

  • Westside hole spacing to facilitate bench press 
  • Precision Laser Cut Holes
  • 75mm * 75mm Steel Uprights
  • Ultra strong 3mm thick steel
  • J-hooks at no extra cost
  • Pin-pipe safeties included
  • Attractive powder coated finish
  • Heavy 105kg for stability and strength