VERVE Competition Powder Coated Kettlebells


The brand new VERVE Competition Kettlebells will come in a stunning black matte powder coated finish with colours on each handle and on top for easy identification of weight during your workouts.

Competition Kettlebells will be the exact same size regardless of the weight you are lifting. For example, the 8kg kettlebell is the same size as the 36kg kettlebell. This allows you to increase the weights you are working with, without having to adjust your form due to the size of the kettle bell being different.

The VERVE Difference

99.9% Premium Materials: 
VERVE Kettlebells are forged from 99.9% first run iron ore, rather than scrap that can be included in similar looking kettlebells. They are produced from a single-piece casting to ensure they're as strong as you'll ever need them to be.

Premium Powder Coating:
Our matte black finish looks and feels great. It provides excellent grip, holds chalk and is comfortable even on the heavier weights.

Easy Colour Coding: 
We have colour coded all the handles so you can easily see which weight you are about to pick up without always having to go look for the number.  

Competition Weights:
VERVE Kettlebells are offered in the standard weights used for competition kettlebells; 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg, 36kg.

Single Casting:
VERVE Kettlebells are cast in a single solid piece. This ensures your kettlebell is stronger.

VERVE Kettlebells are produced within a weight tolerance of +/- 3%

Flat Base:
VERVE Kettlebells sit securely on the floor without wobbling.

Product Weight: Stated Weight 8kg - 36kg
Shipping Weight: State Weight +/- 3%
Finish: Black Powder Coat