VERVE Elite Safety Squat Bar


The VERVE Elite Safety Squat Bar is a super heavy duty, speciality barbell for you to increase quad development, minimise injury and training with mobility injuries or limitations, without hindering power and strength training. The unique design of the VERVE Elite Safety Squat Bar is ideal for those lifters wanting to hit big numbers without the risk of injury. This bar places the load more evenly across the body compared to a traditional straight bar, allowing you to hit increased depth and weight, saving your back, knees and midline.

The VERVE Elite Safety Squat Bar is complete with strong, durable shoulder and arm pads in one piece to prevent sliding on the bar are securely attached for comfortable lifts. The thick, single piece of carpet padding to last long term regardless of amount of weight used, a durable and thick vinyl covering. An ideal 22 degrees camber angle, maintaining zero whip and fixed sleeves to minimise movement on the bar. The 127mm (5") drop ensures the weight plates are lower for improved balance and centre of gravity. Super comfortable, removable hand grips perfect to storage or allowing the bar to be used for exercises like JM Presses. The width and thickness of the pads is allows it to be used by small and large lifters - super comfortable for all sizes and skill levels. This bars also fits properly onto the VERVE Commercial Power Rack, Half Rack and Wall Mounted Rack which have 108cm between the uprights when used with VERVE Sandwich J-Hooks or VERVE Roller J-hooks.

Total Length: 2300mm
Product Weight: 27.5kg
Shipping Weight: 29.5kg
Shaft Finish: Chrome
Shaft Diameter: 38mm
Sleeve Finish: Hard Chrome
Sleeve Rotation: Fixed
Camber Drop: 127mm / 5"
Handle Angle: 22 Degrees
Rated Capacity: 1500lb (680kg)
Product Code: VER-SSB-221