VERVE Glute Builder Hip Thruster


Hip Thrust- the most important exercise you are not doing. Improve your strength, speed and power by developing that booty. If your glutes are underdeveloped, explosive power is compromised. It's all about that hip flex! The Glute Builder Hip Thruster helps full engagement of the glutes via maximising hip extension. Hello stronger squats, deadlifts and more dynamic sprints.

This unit is extremely durable to go the distance with regular users and super compact to fit into any space. Being a plate loaded machine, it has the ability to suit all sizes and abilities of lifters. 

Strongman Coco is officially the strongest man in Australia. Here he introduces the VERVE Glute Drive machine in his gym:

Dimensions (mm) L*W*H: 1700*1400*800mm
Product Weight:  93kg
Product Code: VER-PUR-006
Owners Manual: Download Here