VERVE Hip Belt Squat Machine


The new and improved 2019 VERVE Plate Loaded Hip Belt Squat Machine is now available in Australia. Watch our demonstration video below to see it in action. It has a lengthened arm attaching to the belt ensuring you can get a comfortable foot position on the platform without having to step forward. The Belt Squat Machine from VERVE includes a belt and chain so you are ready to use it right out of the box.

Belt squat machine:
Squats are one of the best exercises you can do for your lower body. In fact, they are often called the king of exercises. Working your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes all at the same time, squats are all-but essential for building muscle, getting stronger, or improving muscle tone. They’re an excellent fat burning exercise too.  

Unfortunately, squats can also be hard to learn, and many people find them uncomfortable and even painful to perform. They are not usually recommended for people who have back injuries.  

Hip belt squats allow you to hang the weight from your hips rather than support it on your shoulders. This takes a lot of stress off the lower back and eliminates compression on the intervertebral discs.  

The VERVE Hip Belt Squat Machine is simple to use and also very safe. You can adjust how deep you squat, and there is also handrail to make getting into the perfect starting position as easy as possible. The handrail is also useful for self-spotting and providing extra stability for beginners/novices or when lifting heavy weights.  

The wide, deep cross-hatched footplate provides the ideal non-slip surface for squats, and will accommodated all foot placement widths, from narrow to very wide sumo squats.

The VERVE Hip Belt Squat machine allows you to squat to failure with no fear of being crushed and injured by a heavy barbell. With no strain on your lower back, users are free to work their legs as hard as they like in absolute safety.

Why choose the VERVE Hip Belt Squat Machine:
The VERVE Hip Belt Squat Machine is designed for commercial gyms. Built to last, it is constructed from the highest quality heavy duty materials. The frame is powder coated to keeping it looking good for many years. Fitted with weight storage pins to help keep the training area neat and tidy, this machine provides a great alternative to barbell squats. You will receive your new machine complete with a belt included.

Overall Dimensions (mm) L*W*H: 2100*1330*1000
Footplate Dimensions: 1250*610
Product Weight: 97.0kg
Shipping Weight: 99.0kg
Capacity: 450KG
Accessories: Waist Belt, Chain and Clips, Safety Stopper
Weight Storage: 4 x 250mm Olympic 
Loadable Plate Width: 450mm
Product Code: VER-BSM-001