VERVE Sandwich J-Hooks Pair for Rigs & Commercial Power Rack


The all NEW AUSTRALIAN MADE VERVE J-Hooks Pair are for Rigs & Commercial Power Racks. These Australian Made J-Hooks are lined with High Impact Polyurethane inserts to protect you barbell, and stand the test of time even in the busiest of gyms with minimal wear and tear.

With a sturdy 17mm pin to suit all VERVE Rig and Rack 18mm holes perfectly, these J-Hooks provide an extremely strong hold for even the biggest lifters out there, no bend , no break! These J Hooks will suit all VERVE Olympic and specialty bars, specifically designed for easy racking and a solid platform to adjust for the PR lift.

  • Polyurethane inserts to protect your barbell
  • Stand the test of time even in the busiest gyms
  • Fits all VERVE Rig and Racks
    (75*75*3mm uprights with an 18mm diameter hole)

These ultra strong J-Hooks will attach to the following VERVE equipment which usesWestside Hole Spacing: